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Fantastic! Amazing! I can not say enough about how great my experience has been with Natalie. She is so in tune with what my body needs for healing. Her massages are amazing and I feel so good for days after.

 - Shanda Call

Natalie is an amazing human being, massage therapist, and healer of the body, mind, and energy. She has been helping me understand myself better throughout my growth process and has led me towards books that I was not seeking out before. The books have been very informative in my self-care journey. Natalie is very easy to talk to and has a calming presence that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist or someone to help them on their journey of self-discovery. She deserves 10 stars!

 - Jamie

Natalie is the best massage therapist I've ever had! She has helped my body, mind and spirit!

- Raeghn Torrie

Absolutely amazing massage! Highly recommend Natalie. She is one of the best!

 - Steph Denniston

Natalie gives amazing massages! She is highly intuitive and can cater to any issues you may be having with your muscles or joints. You will leave feeling fantastic!

 - Jill Peck

Natalie is so sweet and she really is gifted at what she does. I am always wanting to go back to her because I feel so rejuvenated after our visits! 💗 I have recommended her so several people and everyone loves her!!!

 - Sloan Tuttle Sepulva

If gods angels had human bodies this is one of them! Most amazing gifted woman I’ve ever met. I thought I was going in for a regular massage the amount of synchronicities and magic that happened in that 90 min. Massage I even booked my employees and husband and covered the cost because how much I believe in this woman. She’s changed my life and many others forever. I highly recommend her for an amazing massage and energetic healing past healing not quite sure what you’d call it but I was very open and some reason trusted her with anything she had to tell me or the amount of pressure or whatever she felt I needed I just naturally trusted and she’s already changed my life in more ways then I can explain.

 - Britney Camphouse

Natalie is incredible. She is truly gifted. I highly recommend her, and all the other people I’ve talked to, who go to see her, feel the same way. 5 stars

 - Adam Speth

To know Natalie, is to love her!
I loved the feel of her cozy room set up for massages. I felt safe with her. She was very professional, she didn’t make me feel awkward about anything. Her pressure on my back was perfect and she could tell that there were some issues going on in my body that had been bothering me for awhile and I didn’t know what to do. It was comforting for her to work on those areas using the body’s meridians as her guide. I felt instant comfort and relief as she helped it to release. Natalie is very calm and loving. She is very knowledgeable about the body and has done years of extensive training to become the best in her field. Most recently, she completed extra training in lymphatic drainage. She tries really hard and cares deeply about her clients. Natalie is basically your new best friend that you have yet to meet! It was a life changing experience to work with her, and I look forward to many more experiences with her. Thank you Natalie, for a beautiful time with you!

 - Camilla Smith

Natalie has a gift for knowing how to balance and heal the body. She is able to put her own worries aside and concentrate on her clients during the appointment giving her the ability to tune into areas of the body that need attention. Her knowledge and training in different modalities allows her to pull from a wide array of tools- each appointment is different based on the person’s needs. She is able to offer an intentional and valuable service each time!

 - Becky Hooley

Natalie is in tune with her clients' needs, extremely gifted at releasing tight muscles and trigger points, and her lymphatic cleanse is a treatment you must experience to truly appreciate! I've always been happy with her work and highly recommend her.

 - Jill Dent

Natalie is an amazing massage therapist. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable in what she does. Her understanding of the lymph system as well as the muscles has helped my body more than any other therapist that I’ve worked with.

 - Jae Leon

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